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The Lunar and Planetary Science Academy (LPSA) is a highly selective, intensive ten-week summer internship program that focuses on individual research in the field of Planetary Science, leadership and networking. NASA LPSA was founded in 2009 by Dr. Cynthia Cheung and Mr. David Rossage.

Approximately twenty interns from all over the United States gather in Maryland to conduct independent research supervised by a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientist. They range from recent graduates of high school to first and second year graduate students. While doing their own research the interns attend talks with leading scientists in the relevant fields both at NASA Goddard and in the sorority houses in which they resided.

During the summer experience, the interns take a trip to an area of geologic interest to conduct in situ research supervised by several NASA scientists. This is seen as a chance for the interns to gain real world experience as a field geologist and also to understand the importance Earth Analogues as they relate to Planetary Science.

During their time at NASA LPSA, the interns are able to interface with internationally renowned scientists and they also improve their presentation skills through regular status reports, poster presentations and a final presentation.

Racetrack Playa

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thoughts on Death Valley

From Dan Burger:

It has been nearly a week since we came back from Death Valley and the experience has still left an impression on me. While we were on the trip, we observed and collected measurements on the sliding rocks in the Racetrack Playa and Bonnie Claire Playa. We also got to see many of the tourist attractions in the area, including Ubehebe Crater, Rhyolite (an abandoned mining town), Furnace Creek, and Badwater Basin (the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere).

For me the best part of the trip was being in the middle of nowhere with only the sound of the wind blowing across the desert - and being able to see for miles! It was an experience that I will never forget.

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  1. It's always fun to have "city people" visit our quiet desert. We who live here do appreciate the clean air, neat scenery, wild sounds! welcome!!
    About the trails with no rocks - seems that visitors to the Race Track think it's cool to take the rocks off the playa! Do they think they'll move in their front yard?? Do they realize it screws up data like that which you gathered?? grrr. Sure hope you guys can find some answers to this long-running mystery! Come back in the winter when the lake is wet and VERY slippery, and windy (and much cooler!)